Charles B. Crowell

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Charles B. Crowell has served as a Director, Vice Chairman and Member of the Audit and Compensation Committee of Gasco Energy, Inc. since 2002. [1]


"Since 1993, Mr. Crowell has been a practicing attorney and a consultant to oil and gas companies, and was a senior member of Crowell & Bishop, PLLC, Attorneys from November 1995 through June 1998. From September 1996 until June 2000, Mr. Crowell held the position of Manager at Enigma Engineering Company, LLC. Mr. Crowell also worked at Triton Energy Corporation where he held the positions of Executive Vice President, Administration from November 1991 to May 1993, Senior Vice President and General Counsel from August 1989 to October 1991 and Vice President and General Counsel from November 1981 to July 1989. From June 1999 to February 2001, Mr. Crowell served as a director of Comanche Energy, Inc. He has also held public directorships at Arakis Energy Corporation from June 1997 to October 1998, at Aero Services International, Inc. from December 1989 to May 1993 (where he was Chairman of the Board from August 1990 to December 1992) and at Triton Europe, plc. from October 1989 to May 1993. Mr. Crowell holds a BA degree from John Hopkins and a JD from University of Arkansas. He was admitted to the practice of law in Texas in 1974." [2]