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Charles Lister (known universally as 'Chuck') is a lawyer with the tobacco industry law firm of Covington & Burling, He worked both in the USA (Wshington DC) offices and in the United Kingdom where he was based in London. He worked on the environmental tobacco smoke International Consultant Program (actually the creation of Whitecoats (recruited scientists) and some front scientific organisations to provide them with cover.

He became one of the key recruiters of corrupt scientists known as "WhiteCoats" and helped Philip Morris create and run the numerous WhiteCoat organisations in Europe -- ARIA, IAI, ISBE and EGIL -- and also probably those in the Middle East/East Mediterranean (EMIES). He was also the European promoter of George Carlo's GEP ("Good Epidemiological Practices) attempt to set standard favourable to the tobacco industry.

As of September, 2007, he was still with Covington & Burling in London. [2] Charles Lister was knowledgeable about Philip Morris' ETS Latin American Consultancy Program.[3]

Quick Biography

WhiteCoats Orgs.
IAPAG   (Nth America)
ARIA   (UK & Europe)
EGIL   (Scandanavia)
EMIES (E Med/N.Africa)
ARTIST   (S.E. Asia)
APTRC   (East Asia)
APAIAQ (Asia-Pacific)
1960 AB Graduated Harvard Uni
1962 BA at Oxford Merton College
1963 LL.B at Oxford Merton College
1965 MA Oxford as Rhodes Scholar
1966 JD George Washington law degree -- Special Assistant in Pentagon
1966-68 Law Clerk to Supreme Court Justice John M Harlan
1968-70 Assoc Professor Yale Law School
1988 Opened C&B's London office

According to his bio page on Covington and Burling's Web site, Lister graduated from Harvard University and went to Oxford as Rhodes Scholar. Earned two degrees in law, both with First Class Honours. He earned a graduate law degree at George Washington University and was a special assistant in Pentagon and thereafter law clerk to Justice John M. Harlan for two years. He was an Associate Professor at Yale Law School and taught part-time at various other law schools. He has extensive litigation experience in United States, both trial and appellate. Lister opened Covington & Burling;s London office in 1988.[4]

Documents & Timeline

1983 Covington & Burling letterhead shows - Senior Partners - H Thomas Austern, Edward Burling Jr and 7 others - Named partners - Stanley L Temko. Don V Harris Jr, H Edward Dunkelberger, Jr, Charles Lister, Peter Barton Hutt, Herbert Dym, John P Rupp, Clausen Ely, Jr. [5]

1988 Open C&B's London office

1989 Apr 31 Helmut Gaisch's FTR's Monthly Highlights Report:

HGA (Gaisch) - Meeting with Dr. RAY THORNTON (Issues Manager BAT) at his office in London.

The purpose was to encourage BAT's participation in the ARIA project. To begin with, the ARIA concept and the present status of the project were explained to Dr. THORNTON and at the same time HGA invited Dr. THORNTON to the next ARIA meeting, which will take place in the South of France this coming October. Thereafter, Mr. LISTER (C&B organiser in London) joined the meeting in order to give further weight to the discussions. During the working lunch that followed Mr. ALAN L. HEARD, who is Co-ordinator Group Research and Development and Dr. THORNTON's boss, joined the discussions (HGA had heard about him but never seen him). HGA had the impression that a turning point had been reached in our relations with BAT, and that BAT was starting to consider, at last,, to join in

with our efforts. However, only future developments will tell whether these hopes are justified.

1990 Feb 6 Philip Morris Corporate Affairs staff, John Dollisson, Darienne Dennis, Tom Humber, Bobby Kaplan, Wendy Burrell, Stig Carlson, Mary Pottorff, Regina Godvin, Paul Maglione, and Cynthia von Maerestetten are involved [in groups of three] with John Rupp, Steve Parrish, Chuck Lister (all lawyers) in a series of half day Media Training Program at the Corporate Affairs Conference Room, 14th Floor, 120 Park Street. [6] [These people are all organizers of the WhiteCoats program in Europe.]

C&B London, Europe - main organiser of whitecoats and GEP C&B scientific recruiter in London - ARIA 2501253558

- C&B London who handles European payments 2023592840

C&B Lawyer London 250001704

Philip Morris' IARC Task Force Members under Steve Parrish (Supervisor) C&B

1992 Jan 20 - Feb 7 Gordon Leslie on behalf of ARIA is billing Philip Morris (via C&B) for '"fees for professional services on consulting work" This is for expenses and fees at the IAI Athens Conference (in UK pounds):
[Some of the information has been redacted.]

  • Professional Services     [REDACTED]
  • Transport and car mileage     -- £ 446.30
  • Atheneaum Meals               -- £ 328.85
  • Hotel and Conference Registration--£19,177.00
  • Payment to (organizing) consultants   -- £22,403.21
    [Individual payments to consultants were redacted]
  • Miscellaneous expenses         -- about £10,000

The primary (organization) consultants are listed as AR Lorimer, AD Milner, DF Weetman, AJS Gardiner, P Allen, J Gorod, LS Levy, FW Lunau and J Dilley. The registration fees for the Conference (picked up by ARIA, and paid by PM via C&B) was £270 per person, with some surcharges of £110, One fee was down to £145 [presumable subsidy for East European consultancies] Some additional names, not known as tobacco scientists, were included in this Registration payment list -- despite ARIA paying -- in total £ 15,055.

The following ARIA/EGIL members have also been given IAI Subscriptions worth about £62 each, or in total, £ 3,460.

P Allen H Altmann AK Armitage
B Bazas D Bienfait M Borzsonyi
RC Brown A Cerioli G Crepat
J Descotes J Dilley J Faccini
A Fave R Frisch AJS Gardiner
J Gorrod J Green P Guisnet
J Hoskins MV Johl G Krstic
S Larsson PN Lee GN Leslie
L S Levy C E Lister A R Lorimer
F W Lunau T Malmfors L.Manzo
B Martin A Massoud A A Massoud
J McCormick B Mikaelson A D Milner
J Munby P J Nicholls O Nilsen
P E O'Sullivan R Perry D Petras
A Rico F J C Roe F Rosendaal
B Schneider O Selroos P Skrabanek
P Sobotka A Spurgeon F Sullivan
D Thorburn G Tymen A Viala
T Voss D F Weetman LWerko
A Westlin.

Lawyer John Rupp of C&B has claimed professional fees for 14 days miscellaneous work for ARIA, IAI, etc. in London, Lisbon, Rotterdam and Athens during February. His personal expenses total £ 6,920 including a visa for Egypt.

1993 Feb 24-25 ETS World Conference in New York. This long document has a very good section on "Rebutting Tobacco Industry arguments." The conference Hosts were:

  • Steve Parrish, General Counsel PM USA and VP External Affairs PM USA (controlled External Affairs, and Corporate Scientific Affairs)
  • Clare Purcell, Manager Legal Issues, PM Management Corp (PMMC) at Richmond
  • Mary Pottorff, Manager, Corporate Scientific Affairs PMMC New York
  • Mayada Logue, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Analyst, PMMC
  • Matt Winokur, Director Corporate Affairs PMI in New York
  • Anne Okoniewski, Coordinator, Research Analysis, PMI in New York

USA Personnel

  • Robert Pages, Dir, S&T, Philip Morris USA in Richmond
  • Loreen McAlpin, Technical Analyst, PM USA in Richmond (maintains database)

European Personnel

  • Helmut Reif, Dir, S&T, Philip Morris Europe, FTR R&D, Neuchatel
  • Ruth Dempsey, Staff Scientist, PM Europe, Neuchatel

Attendees Bill Apple (PM USA), Jim Boland (PM Washington Relations Office), John Boltz (PM USA), Tom Borelli (PM Corp), Wendy Burrell (PMI), David Bushong (PM Corp Services, Brussels), Richard Carchman (PM USA), Stig Carlson (PM EEMA Lausanne) Karen Chalkin (PM USA) David Davies (PMMC New York) Darienne Dennis (PMI), Phil Francis, (PM Aust), Colin Goddard, (PM Asia HK), Aurora Marina Gonzales, (PM Lat America NY), Jan Goodheart (PM KK Tokyo), Vic Han (PM USA), Henrick Hansen (PMMC Brussels), Judy Hargrave (PM Aust), Robert Kaplan (PMI), Denis Keane (PMMC NY), Ted Lattanzio (PM USA) Loreen McAlpine (PM USA Richmond), Ellen Merlo (PM USA) Dave Merrill (PM USA Richmond), Eva Montgomery (PM EEMA Lausanne) Lance Pressl (PM USA) Cesar Rodiguez (PM LA NY) James Spector (PM USA) William Taylor (PM USA) Tina Walls, (PM USA) Gerard Wirz (PM CS Brussels) Speakers

  • Vincent Covello and Susan Santos (School of Public Health)
  • Charles Lister (London) and Melinda Sidak (Wash) from C&B
  • Pat Tyson, and Neil Wasser Constangy Brooks & Smith in Atlanta
  • Gray Robertson HBI
  • Shook Hardy & Bacon
    • Tony Andrade (PM Europe -- SH&B in Lausanne)
    • Bill Colby, and Dennis Neutze SH&B in Kansas City
    • Greg Fowler, PM Australia (classed as SH&B)
  • Dave Richardson, The Wirthlin Group, NY
  • APCO - Margery Kraus and Tom Hockaday (Washington)

1993 Sep 20 Charles Lister's memo about a conferences to be held in Cairo lists the Internatioanal Air Institute IAI as the key society which is to be said is sponsoring the operation. He wants someone to organise press coverage. The conference was to be held:

November 15-17 at Ain Shans University, and is supported there by the Medical Faculty. It is called '"Occupational Hazards from Air Pollution" . As co-sponsors, it has the East Mediterranean Indoor Environment Society (EMIES) and Indoor Air International (IAI) . It will cover a wide variety of topics, both indoor and outdoor.

It goes on to stress the public relations requirements:

We want simple PR help, done carefully at arm's length, and of the kind that plausibly could be sought by a scientific society . We do not want to publicize the conference itself, or Ain Shams, or the Medical Faculty, except incidentally and as necessary to publicize some of our speakers. There may be things at the conference we will want ignored.

The client would be IAI, and the PR man should at some point be in direct contact with them . The bill should go to them, and they should send the check. IAI is an international society open to everyone interested in IAQ issues, with members all over the world. It publishes a major scientific journal from Switzerland which goes to libraries, etc ., and conducts conferences throughout the world. Its major 1993 meeting will be in October in London at the Royal College of Physicians.

We will have several speakers, but there are two to concentrate on, and two others who might be fallbacks . The two choices are George Leslie and Roger Perry. [Fallbacks were John Gorrod of Kings College and Ann Spurgeon of Birmingham University]

The writer of the memo, Charles Lister (Covington & Burling) says he will be attending the conference personally and giving a paper on EC legislation, " so as not to look like an odd outsider." He wants the PR company to set up...

"interviews, joint or separate, with Leslie and Perry. They play off each other well, and-between them cover both health and IAQ questions. I can imagine stories to the effect that two eminent British scientists are in Cairo to attend an international conference regarding air pollution, and kindly expressed their views regarding those issues.

A press conference would be fine, but I would hold it at a hotel or other place away from the conference centre itself. Otherwise, others at the conference will be aware of it, and may want to become involved.

If it were possible to line up courtesy visits (in other words, informal lobbying) to government people, so much the better. Leslie could do them on the 16th or 17th, or they could both do them on the 14th. [7]

1999 Nov The International Agency for Research into Cancer (IARC) were to be attacked for their position on tobacco smoke by a series of scams and conferences run to exploit George Carlo's GEP (Good Epidemiology Practices) standard for epidemiology. However the wheels were falling off, and Ted Sanders who had been allocated the project was delighted to find that the Worldwide Regulatory Affairs group had decided to discontinue it.

The IARC later used some of his comments n their own report on how the tobacco industry had attempted to discredit them. [8]

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