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Charlie Colchester is the international director of Christian Action Research and Education.

From an interview with CARE magazine, April 1998:

That kind of pioneering work on the international scene has continued with CARE's input into issues that involve the United Nations. 'We've had a long-standing concern with the work of the UN and the pro-abortion, anti-family policies which have been promoted through the UN conferences over the last few years,' said Charlie Colchester.

He's made it a priority to attend all the major UN conferences. 'CARE has played a very big part in standing alongside the International Right To Life movement, and the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children - who've done a superb job monitoring and campaigning into the United Nations.'

CARE's new International Secretary will ensure that all the various strands are kept under control and take care of any follow-up action. We want to maximise the goodwill that's developed towards CARE at international level,' he said, 'so that evangelical groups rise up as a major force in the face of the worldwide threat of secularism. These are tremendous opportunities for us.'

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