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Chase Manhattan Bank became JPMorgan Chase in 2000, following a merger with J.P. Morgan & Co. [1]

The following is historical information about the company; for more on the current financial services company, see the JPMorgan Chase article.

Former Directors


Chrysler Corporation*

Allied Chemical Corporation*


  • Charles Barber, chairman, American Smelting & Refining Company (ASARCO); director, South Peru Copper Corporation


  • James H. Binger, director, Honeywell, Inc.*; director, Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing*
  • Willard C. Butcher, director, American Smelting & Refining Company (ASARCO); director, Firestone Tire & Rubber Company*
  • John T. Connor, chairman, Allied Chemical*; director, General Electric*; direc¬tor, General Motors*; director, Warner-Lambert Company*
  • C. G. Eklund, director, Bendix Corporation*
  • James L. Ferguson, director, Union Carbide Corporation*
  • Richard H. Furlaud, chairman, Squibb Corporation*
  • Patricia R. Harris, director, International Business Machines (IBM)*
  • Theodore M. Hesburgh, president, Notre Dame University; director, Utah (Mining) International*; director, International Business Machines (IBM)*
  • William R. Hewlett, director, Chrysler Corporation*
  • Ralph Lazarus, chairman, Federated Department Stores; director, General Electric*; director, Scott Paper*
  • Edward T. Pratt, Jr., director, International Paper Company
  • J. Stanford Smith, director, General Motors*; director, International Paper Company


  • Alexander Haig, president, United Technologies (resigned to become secretary of state)


Selected members of CMB’s international advisory board

Members from Brazil

Members from the United States

William Blackie, chairman, Caterpillar Tractor Company
Donald C. Burnham, chairman, Westinghouse Electric*
George Champion, former Chase president and chairman Harrison Dunning, chairman, Scott Paper*
Carl Gerstacker, chairman, Dow Chemical*
Patrick Haggerty, Chairman, Texas Instrumentst William A. Hewitt, chairman, Deere & Company
John J. Powers, Jr., Pfizer*
Rawleigh Warner, Jr., chairman, Mobil (Standard Oil of New York)1'
  • 1977 Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state and national security adviser and former executive studies project consultant, Goldman Sachs
  • 1978 John Louden, Chairman of Supervisory Board, Royal Dutch Petroleumt
  • 1982 David Rockefeller - Chairmen of the boards of American Metal Climax (AMAX); Caterpillart; Boise Cascade

(Source: Colby and Dennett, 1995, Thy will be done, pp.789-91)

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