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The Samuel Chavkin Investigative Journalism Fund "supports frontline journalistic projects that contribute to social justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. This Fund, administered by the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), supports original, rigorous reporting on the Americas. To pursue this goal, the fund awards grants to aspiring and established writers whose research projects promise to bring to light pressing, but under-reported, issues in contemporary Latin America, the Caribbean and their diasporas. These reports can be traditionally investigative or based on first hand reporting of issues and events overlooked by the mainstream media...

"The Chavkin Prize is awarded every 18 months to an outstanding investigative reporter working in Latin America or the Caribbean exposing injustice and oppression or documenting the struggles for social justice and democracy in the region. The award is given to journalists whose body of work reflects a commitment to social justice in the region." [1]


"Since NACLA has overseen this award, winners have included Angel Paéz of La República in Peru; Ignacio Gómez, an investigative reporter and editor at El Espectador in Bogotá, Colombia; Stella Calloni, South America correspondent for the Mexican daily La Jornada; Jane Regan and Daniel Morel for their work in Haiti; and Cristian Alarcón for his work in Argentina's Página 12 and his book Cuando me muera quiero que me toquen cumbia." [2]

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