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The Chifley Research Centre is a think tank run by the Australian Labor Party (ALP). It claims that it "is committed to the advancement of public policy debate and progressive thinking in Australia." [1]

In reality, the Centre is used by the ALP to funnel donations to the party, as CRC donations are tax-deductible. It is also one of only seven organisations mentioned by name in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 as tax-deductible gift recipients [2].

ALP Donations

The Centre donated $37,500 to the ALP in 2004/5. [3]

Public Funding

The Chifley Research Centre receives regular funding from the Federal Government:

  • 2004/5 the Department of Finance provide a grant of $100,000 for "For the general expenditure of the centre to enable it to undertake general research into social and economic policies for the benefit of the Australian public." [4] The Government has given the same amount to the Centre in other years as well [5].
  • 2016 Dec 11 The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Centre had a Department of Finance grant of $240,000, which was the lion's share of its $340,000 declared income for 2014/15

Since 2012 the Finance Department has given partisan think-tanks almost $3,2 million in public money in the past five years. Both the Chifley Research Centre (ALP) and the Menzies Research Center (Coalition) have received over a million each through its Grants-in-Aid program to "advance public policy debate". Smaller grants went to the Green Institute (Green Party) and the Page Research Centre (Nationals).

Corporate Funding

The Chifley Research Centre aslo attracts significant private sector funding. Current corporate supporters include: BHP Billiton and Woodside Australian Energy. [6] In 2001/2, BHP donated $85,000 to the Centre. [7]


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