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"Laura Huxley founded Children: Our Ultimate Investment in 1977 as a response to what she saw as the "unnecessary suffering" felt by so many people throughout the world. This organization now focuses primarily on two of her visionary projects with which she hopes to end some of the suffering.

"In 1978 Laura Huxley opened Project Caressing and Teens & Toddlers in a small Santa Monica school called First Step as a summer project. In 1987 Project Caressing opened a location here in Los Angeles. Teens & Toddlers then opened in 1996 at a school in Nevada City called Pathfinder.

"In 1998 Liz Crawford began working with Laura Huxley and helped tremendously in the expansion of the Teens & Toddlers program. That year they wrote a curriculum together, which has since been revised, and found two high schools, Pueblo De Los Angeles and Temescal Canyon, to offer Teens & Toddlers as one of their accredited courses. The program at Temescal Canyon then transferred to Phoenix High School in February of 2000. Sadly, due to their state academic requirements not being fulfilled we were unable to continue running Teens & Toddlers at Pueblo High...

"The exciting news is that Teens & Toddlers has begun to thrive in England with the help of Diana Whitmore who is a member of Children: Our Ultimate Investment's Board of Directors." [1]

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