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Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) is a UK charity. Powerbase It evolved from its predecessor the Nationwide Festival of Light, whose leading supporters included Malcolm Muggeridge, Mary Whitehouse, Lord Longford, Bishop Trevor Huddleston and Cliff Richard.

CARE sponsors several parliamentary researchers.

It is a member of Centre for Bioethics and Public Policy and sends out joint press releases with the Evangelical Alliance.

From CARE's website it is clear that it runs "Pregnancy & Post-Abortion Advice, Counselling and Support", and these are mostly anti-abortion centers [1]. It runs "family planning clinics" and the have this website: However, there is no reference to the relationship with the religious charity in the latter's webiste.


This British CARE organization should not be confused with CARE International, a large US-based NGO.

CARE Parliamentary intern programme

"Today, the Programme has expanded beyond the political sphere into the areas of media and reconciliation. Interns are now working in London (in the Westminster Parliament and at the BBC), Edinburgh (the Scottish Parliament), Brussels (the European Parliament) and at Coventry Cathedral International Centre for Reconciliation. In 2004, Internships will also be available in the area of Relief & Development."
Interns undertake a combination of hands-on work in their chosen area (Monday to Thursday) and, at the same time, benefit from a stimulating educational course (every Friday). 100 Interns have now graduated through this Programme.
Our desire is to see Christians grow in their understanding of our complex and rapidly changing culture and, at the same time, learn how to engage biblically and relevantly with it."
CARE requires applicants to read our Mission Statement and basis of faith, as it is important that they agree with them.



  • Against gay marriage
  • Against theraputic cloning
  • Against the war in Iraq
  • Against euthanasia
  • Against abortion
  • Supports a reference to "Europe's Christian heritage" in the proposed EU constitution
"In a mailing which is arriving in the first post of the new year, membership forms from all the political parties who have elected representation at a Parliamentary and Assembly level are being sent to 30,000 households on CARE's mailing list."[2]




Trustees (2007)

Accessed August 2008: [1]


Head Office:
53 Romney Street

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  1. 2007 Annual Report, Christian Action Research and Education, accessed August 21, 2008.