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According to an article published in Forbes in 2006:

"The world of alternative medicine–meditation, yoga, acupuncture and a host of related therapies–will celebrate a coming-of-age moment on Nov. 30. In Durham, N.C., Christy Mack and her husband John J. Mack , chairman of investment bank Morgan Stanley , will officially open the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine. They personally financed the center with $10 million from the C.J. Mack Foundation...

"The idea for the Duke Center was the result of a collaboration between Dr. Ralph Synderman, former head of the Duke Medical Center, Dr. Tracey Gaudet, a Duke physician, and Christy Mack, who prefers the term “integrative medicine” over alternative medicine...

""The practice of medicine should be focused with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit and community," says Mack, who herself is a trained practitioner of Reiki, an ancient Eastern massage technique that she claims transmits energy to the patient." [1] [1]

"Christy Mack is one of five children born to a Greensboro physician and his wife. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she is president of the C.J. Mack Foundation and chair of DCIM's National Advisory Board. She is co-founder of the Philanthropic Collaboration for Integrative Medicine, a group of philanthropists based in Minneapolis, who leverage their experiences and resources to promote integrative medicine. She also has served on the Board of Visitors of Duke's Trinity College, where two of the couple's three children received undergraduate degrees. She has been a supporter of the North Carolina School of the Arts, the Greensboro Children's Museum and Exploris, a global communications museum and education system for children in Raleigh, N.C." [2]


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