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Chrome Consulting is a a small London PR company.


Formed in 2000, by former Saatchi and Saatchi Rowland and subsequently Rowland Consulting managing director Rob Metcalfe the company boasts an turnover £1 million. [1]. The other company director is former BBC journalist and broadcaster Sue Wilkins.

On its website Chrome boasts that it has been the invisible hand behind many news stories. "You may not know us, but if you read newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio you have almost certainly seen and heard our work."

"From healthy eating in schools to the MMR debate, a brilliant Australian biscuit launch to Vodka Shots confectionery, rarely a day goes by without high profile, targeted coverage for our clients," they boast.




Industrial representative


  • Arnott's -- biscuit manufacturer?
    • Tim Tams
  • Centrepoint -- Youth homelessness charity?
  • Concord
  • Direct Health 2000
  • Easy Move -- estate agents
  • Elizabeth Shaw -- clothing
  • Food Lovers' Fairs
  • Gist
  • Grain Health Foods (now Bokomo Foods International. [3])
  • The Green Machine This[4]? This[5]?
  • So Good International -- manufacture soya protein foods and drinks
  • Sunny-Bisk -- breakfast cereal manufacturer
  • Ultraframe -- Double glazing


Contact details

Chrome Consulting
11 Gower Street
phone:020 7323 1610

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