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Biographical Information

"As a strategist and philanthropist deeply committed to alliance building, Cindy Mercer has managed a variety of private foundations and public charities since 1992. A passion for collaborative and innovative philanthropy led her to serve on the board of The Philanthropy Workshop West. Hewlett, TOSA, and Rockefeller Foundations launched TPWW as an unprecedented executive leadership program for individual donors and families working together to create lasting positive social impact.

"In 2008, with Addison Fischer, she co-founded Planet Heritage Foundation (PHF), which has a focus on building and supporting highly leveraged collaborations in its areas of focus; oceans, biodiversity conservation and climate change. Cindy serves on the Advisory Boards of The East West Institute, The Sylvia Earle Foundation, The Jane Goodall Institute, and The Harry Singer Foundation. She holds a JD from Stetson University College of Law and a BA from Emory University; however, she believes some of the most valuable lessons often occur in the classroom of life…working alongside a neighbor in his garden or learning from the experience of a war veteran." [1]

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