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Circulation Expertí was founded in 1968 by Warren G. Jackson “to forge a link between the nation’s African-American communities, the media and the private sector”. According to the company’s website, Circulation Expertí “is a wholly black-owned public relations, advertising and marketing consulting firm”.

“It was the goal of Warren G. Jackson, the agency’s founder, president and chief executive officer, some thirty years ago, to convince Corporate America that becoming involved in the black community could generate both publicity and a greater market share for their products,’ the company’s website states.

“In turn, he hoped to demonstrate to black leaders, organizations and key decision-makers that there was far more gained by working with the nation’s business community than against it”.

“ Our extensive contacts within the nation’s African-American and Hispanic markets have enabled our clients to develop effective working relationships with some of the country’s most influential minority leaders. Similarly, our knowledge of these communities, has helped us to develop programs and campaigns which not only provide our clients with maximum visibility, but also strike at the heart of the target community’s needs and concerns”, it boasts.

In an internal budget review document for 1993 for the Philip Morris group of companies, “Circulation Expertí (Warren Jackson)” was pencilled in as a PM Corporate Affairs consultant for $24,000. “Provides expertise on African/American press,” the document stated. [1]


According to the company's website (accessed November 2003) and other sources, current and recent clients include:


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