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Civitas (the Institute for the Study of Civil Society) is a British think tank. Founded in 2000, it was formerly the Health and Welfare Unit of the Institute for Economic Affairs. An offshoot think tank is the Centre for Social Cohesion.

In 2001, Civitas began exploring the idea of launching an independent school, based upon a grant from Atlas's Health & Welfare Program, which paid for a feasibility study. The "New Model School" is set to open its doors in September 2004. still in the planning phases. The IEA has attempted this concept previously with Stuart Sexton's Warlingham Park School project.


Advisory Council

Partial List of Members

Contact information

The Mezzanine, Elizabeth House,
39 York Road,
London SE1 7NQ
Telephone: 020 7401 5470
Fax: 020 7401 5471

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