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Learn more from the Center for Media and Democracy's research on climate change. is organization which has set the goal of reduce climate change and the negative effects climate change creates.[1]

This is done by the registration of climate damages by independent registration centers worldwide. With these accumulated damage claims the organization can then demand compensation for those victims of the damages.[2] These actions give corporations, that contribute to climate change, an additional monetary motivation to consider switching to options that do not pollute the environment.

Reason for the necessity of such a system

The need for such a system of checks and balances - from any individual in the world - arises from the fact that, the market for ownership of the air, and thereby the standard of the air, is currently controlled mainly by Emissions Trading Schemes. Such a scheme tries to protect the environment by giving ownership of the air to corporations that trade permissions to pollute it. But this may leads to firms not taking into account damages incurred on to regular citizens. Furthermore the regulator of the Carbon Emission trading scheme are controlled from the government officials who are viable to being affected by Lobbyists. One example of an event that shows that an additional check and balance is needed was when in 2003 in the US the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared that Carbon Dioxide was not a Pollutant.[3] The EPA had to be put in check by local governments and environmental activists through a lawsuit, the Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency. In 2009 after being sued and forced by the court to look into its decision again, the EPA changed their stance and said that Carbon Dioxide was harmful to People and Environment.[4] This shows that there current system of Emission Trading does is not a sufficient control measure and that there is a need for someone else to create a pressure for firms to switch to renewable forms of energy.[5] There should be a counter check that corporation and even the government are making decisions that are both environmentally and economically optimal.

Solution that offers sets up such a check and balance by allowing anyone to make the claim that they are being treated unfairly by corporations by adding damage claims to the website though an online registration software. With this action each user that rightfully claims damages will contribute to a swarm offensive to create a pressure on corporations to switch from using fossil fuels such as coal and start using renewable resources.

This organization also offers their registration software to other organizations[6] for the profit or non-profit use of collecting climate change or other environmental damage claims.[7]


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