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The Climate Institute (Australia) was established in late 2005 and states on its website that it has "a five-year goal of raising public awareness and debate about the dangers to Australia of global warming and to motivate the country to take positive action."[1]

The Institute describes itself as "a non-partisan, independent group that works with community, business and government to drive innovative and effective climate change solutions. We research. We educate. We communicate. Our vision is for an Australia leading the world in clean energy use and innovation, with clean and low energy solutions a part of everyday life throughout the community, government and business."[1]

Supporting 'Clean Coal'

Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne accused the Climate Institute and WWF Australia of abandoning "any remaining pretence of being part of the mainstream environment movement", by supporting 'clean coal' in an alliance with mining companies and unions.[2] [3] (See The Australian Coal Association's Proposed Carbon Capture and Storage Taskforce for more details).


On its website states that the Climate Institute "is funded by a donation from the Poola Foundation (Tom Kantor Fund)."[1]



Accessed October 2007:[1]



Level 15, 179 Elizabeth Street
Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000
Telephone: +61 2 9252 5200

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