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Clive Turner was one of the best-known spokespersons and organisers for the British tobacco industry as Director of Public Affairs for the Tobacco Advisory Council (TAC). He moved over to the TAC from British-American Tobacco, and, during his lifetime, he worked in a number of roles in the British industry. He was nominally the head of the British Tobacco Institute, the PR head of TAC, and later in life he was the head of the Tobacco Institute of Hong Kong then head of the Tobacco Manfufacturers Association in the UK.

His son Simon Turner [Real name Guy Simon Mark Turner] also managed to get a piece of the action in the notorious sham air-testing business, Healthy Buildings International, which was run in the USA by Peter Binnie and Gray Robertson. Simon appears to have taken over Binnie's role as administrator and spokesman for the company (originally called ACVA]]) when Binnie left and returned to Britain; clearly he had some share of the operation.

Documents & Timeline

1986 Feb 27 Anne Johnson, product liability lawyer for BATCo, writes about an ITV interview program the night before which featured Clive Turner.

In brief, Turner says that the industry is not concerned with Smoking and Health research and does not do any, (he) says that it is the Government's problem.

This is simply not true -- each of the companies in TAC does Smoking and Health research and TAC itself sponsors such research. Furthermore, the remarks contradict everything we have said over the years about the need for research, and the amount we should spend on research.

Turner's remarks give David Simpson of ASH (anti-smoking activist) the perfect opportunity to accuse the industry of not being interested in the health of its consumers. We should ensure that, for the future, Clive Turner gives a more accurate view of the industry's attitude to Smoking and Realth research.

1987 Aug 26 Clive Turner is Director. Public Affairs Tobacco Advisory Council He is lookng after:

  • HEA publication
  • Wythenshawe project
  • HBI Robertson, Gray

(This is the company who later employed his son Simon) [ (Type-in Bates Number) 400113745

1987 Oct 12 - 15 INFOTAB International Workshop in Washington DC [Note 375 pages]

Participants included

  • Mr. Clive Turner , Director Public Affairs, Tobacco Advisory Council
  • Mr Tony St Aubyn , Manager Public Affairs, Tobacco Advisory Council

1988 Nov 29-Dec 3 Geoffrey Bible of Philip Morris ran his own internal planning conference at Boca Raton, Florida. Those invited to the Boca Raton conference were:

Who they were? And What They Did?

  1. Paul G Dietrich and David A Morse were partners who worked with Geoff Bible (an old friend of Morse) and the industry macheavellian, Andrew Whist of PMI Corporate Affairs in establishing and operating many front groups including the AECA, NYSIA, Libertad, and IIHD. The Catholic University in Washington was just a front for IIHD, and Morse and Dietrich also operated internationally through the Knights of Malta.
  2. Wayne Reid was Andrew Whist's long-term lobbyist who was well-funded to retain the tobacco-sports sponsorship. He worked originally in Australia, then later internationally. He had been a clandestine recruit many years before this time, as head of Australian Lawn Tennis Association.
  3. Auberon Waugh (and his close friend Bernard Levin) were extremely well compensated by the tobacco industry to promote the concept of the Nanny-State (an over-protective state, with too many health regulations). This idea was being promulgated here through the faux-Latin-American (human rights image) Libertad organisation (actually run by Whist). Philip Morris used these sophisticated, errudite media 'curmudgeon-contrarians' as distributos of this message on a global scal. This was partly a Murdoch-News Ltd. operation.

1990 SepClive Turner is very busy in SE Asia with the Asian Tobacco Council

1990 Oct This seems to be an "emoticon" dircted against Clive Turner and the Asian Tobacco Council. - sent to David Bacon in Sydney

1991 Nov 11Sharon Boyse, the chief tobacco science manipulator at BAT writes to Clive Turner (now at the Asian Tobacco Council)

Paul Sadler of Imperial Tobacco will not currently be with the group.

1992 Clive Turner must be fairly thick. After all these years he is still ignorant of the scientific basics, and Sharon Boyse is forced to define (SS) sidestream and ETS to him.

1993 Apr 13 Gerard Wirz of PM Brussels reports to his team leaders that "UK. Clive Turner reported that he is back and actively talking to potential allies. This is good news indeed Wirz tels the committe. also 2501013818/3820

1993 Sep 9 This is a series of handnotes made by someone at Philip Morris during a visit to Europe.

"[David] Bushong will see Clive on Monday (Virgin [airlines])"

This handnote also links Clive Turner to HBI.

"Cliver Turner - HBI -> Mops [Mary Pottorff] to check. Reif

[Note: Helmut Reif worked for the Philip Morris research organisation called FTR in Switzerland]

1994 Clive Turner is still at the head of the industry lobby, but now CEO of the Tobacco Manufacturers Association in UK