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Cole & Weber United is a WPP Group advertising firm based in Seattle, Washington. It reported $13.6 million and 76 employees in revenue in 2006. [1]

News product placement

In a story about product placement in news shows, AdAge reported, "advertisers have paid to have radio hosts talk about products on air in the belief that it sounds more enticing and relevant than a stock 30-second commercial" This was directly followed by a quote from Cole & Weber's MJ Keehn: "There are tasteful ways to do it. ... We're not talking about turning Tom Brokaw or Katie Couric into Billy Mays selling OxiClean." [2]


From their website: [3]

Contact information

Cole & Weber United
221 Yale Ave N., Ste 600
Seattle, Washington 98109

Phone: 206-447-9595
Fax: 206-233-0178


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