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Coleen LeDrew Elgin "is a video producer and editor as well as digital media consultant. She creates videos and digital stories for individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses. Clients include: AgeSong Inc., Alliance for Technology Access, Breakthrough Enterprises, and the Sukhasiddhi Foundation. Coleen has worked on a variety of different projects with Duane Elgin including producing a DVD about the 2007 Goi Peace Forum and co-leading workshops that explore global trends and the opportunity to create a more sustainable and positive future. See video on this site: Highlights of the Goi Foundation Peace Award. For Lama Palden, a Buddhist teacher, Coleen produced and edited two videos and helped to upgrade media offerings (audio recordings and downloads, e-newsletter, and websites). Coleen has managed and directed programs and projects for nonprofits, city government, universities, and businesses often focused on developing new educational and community-building initiatives.

"Coleen has an MA from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Cultural Anthropology and Social Transformation with a concentration in Human and Organizational Transformation. She draws on training in transformative learning, mindfulness practices, and working with groups and teams. She co-authored with Duane the book Living Legacies: How to Write, Illustrate, and Share your Life Stories (2001) and contributed supporting research and writing for the report Global Consciousness Change: Indicators of an Emerging Paradigm also with Duane (1997)." [1]

"Coleen LeDrew Elgin, M.A., is a documentary filmmaker and video producer whose work focuses on consciousness, healing, and spiritual growth. She was commissioned by the Betsy Gordon Foundation to produce and direct the documentary: Science and Sacraments: Psychedelic Research and Mystical Experiences (2012). Coleen is currently producing and directing a documentary about students in an intensive six-year spiritual practice program. Her company, Elgin Productions, is a collaborative venture that brings talented professionals together to create documentaries and life stories that awaken and inspire." [2]

Science and Sacraments features: David E. Nichols, Frances Vaughan, Roland R. Griffiths, James Fadiman, Roger Walsh, Ralph Metzner, Alicia Danforth, Angeles Arrien. [1]

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