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Colorado Democracy Alliance has some interconnections with the national Democracy Alliance, but is a separate organization based in Colorado.

On October 13, 2008, the Denver Post reported: "The web of liberal nonprofit and political groups operating under the umbrella of the Colorado Democracy Alliance may tiptoe around tax and campaign-finance rules, but the efforts are completely legal, its architects and an expert say. Led by some of the state's wealthiest liberal donors — Tim Gill, Pat Stryker and Rutt Bridges among them — the alliance focuses on supporting candidates and building a network of independent groups with similar agendas. A batch of leaked agendas, funding recommendations and meeting minutes shed some light on the largely secretive group's inner workings. Founded as a corporation, the alliance doesn't have the same restrictions it would under other tax structures political groups frequently use. It can communicate with political committees such as so-called '527s,' advocacy groups (501c4s) and tax-exempt nonprofits (501c3s) without inhibition. Alliance leaders have said the 2008 network consists of 37 organizations ranging from the homegrown — such as the Bell Policy Center think tank and the youth-centered outreach group New Era Colorado — to local branches of national groups, such as environmentalists Colorado Conservation Voters, election-protection campaigners FairVote and leadership builders Progressive Majority.[1]

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