Committee for a Free Afghanistan

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According to Group Watch, the Committee for a Free Afghanistan was "among the many support groups founded" at the same time that the "Afghanistan Relief Committee (ARC) [was] established by former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Robert Neumann and Mary Ann Dubs in 1980 to help Afghan refugees from the war between the mujahedeen and the Soviet-backed government."[1]

As was the American Friends of Afghanistan (AFA) and the Afghanistan Information Center (AIC), the Committee "received funding, directly or indirectly, from the government funded National Endowment for Democracy. "[2]

"The invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 by the former Soviet Union was one of the major concerns addressed by National Security Caucus (NSC) lawmakers during the Caucus' early years. Many lawmakers were involved in the formation of a Committee for a Free Afghanistan which successfully advocated United States funding for the resistance. The Committee for a Free Afghanistan was a program of the American Security Council and they sponsored a film crew that spent over one month inside Afghanistan and provided television actualities on the war to commercial and cable stations across the United States." Source: National Security Caucus Foundation [

"The Committee for a Free Afghanistan - CFA- was founded in 1981 in the aftermath of a trip by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Radio Free Kabul founder Lord Bethell to the United States, dedicated to building support for the mujahideen. It provided funds for almost all the Peshawar Seven groups of mujahideen."[3]