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Conectas Human Rights "is an international non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil in October 2001, with the following mission:

"Promoting respect for human rights and contributing to the consolidation of the Rule of Law in the Global South (Africa, Asia, and Latin America).

"Accordingly, Conectas develops programs that aim at strengthening activists and academics in the southern hemisphere and increasing their interaction with the United Nations and among them. In Brazil, and in the region, Conectas promotes strategic and public interest litigation.

"Conectas was accorded Consultative Status before the UN in January 2006." [1]


"Conectas Human Rights, based Sao Paulo, Brazil, invites interested parties to participate in the VI International Human Rights Colloquium, an annual capacity-building and peer-learning event designed for young activists from the "Global South" (Africa, Asia and Latin America). The objective of the Colloquium is to strengthen the impact of human rights activists' work and offer an opportunity to build new collaborative networks among activists and academics. The Colloquium offers lectures, seminars, and working groups on topics including the role of constitutional courts in protecting human rights, human rights litigation strategies, documenting and denouncing human rights violations, and designing strategies for sustainable financing. The Colloquium is organized by Conectas Human Rights and SUR – Human Rights University Network." [2]

For details about the VII International Human Rights Colloquium see.

Funders [3]

"Initial funds to launch the organization were provided by the Ford Foundation and the United Nations Foundation (UNF). Today, Conectas main donors are:

Other donors and partners:


Accessed September 2007: [4]

Fiscal Committee



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