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Consensus Communications is a public relations firm based in Orlando, FL. It was ranked 85 by O'Dwyers for revenue in 2006 [1].


Below is a statement from Consensus Communications’ web site [2] explaining the firm’s policy concerning their client list:

Because we are strategists, and the work we do for our clients is inherently confidential, we strive to act in a manner reflective of that responsibility. Therefore, we take the position of not posting our clients’ names and business on our website. Our responsibility is to represent their best interests, even in how we market and promote our services. We feel this reflects our commitment to our clients and is an important consideration for prospective clients.


According to O'Dwyers PR Daily profile of the company, Consensus Communications has 14 employees.

Contact Information

Consensus Communications
605 E. Robinson St., #750, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407/835-0020
Fax: 407/835-0656

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