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Cooler Heads Coalition and its website,, were revived by Consumer Alert's National Consumer Coalition in April 2004. The website and group were formed in May 6, 1997, "to dispel the myths of global warming by exposing flawed economic, scientific and risk analysis." Consumer Alert and National Consumer Coalition are industry friendly groups that oppose regulations on industry and advocate "free market" consumer solutions.

According to its relaunch press release, "The new web site contains a searchable archive of the Cooler Heads Newsletter, dating back to 1996, and offers users the chance to subscribe to the newsletter. This bi-weekly publication analyzes climate change news and events through scientific, economic and political perspectives." [1]

Its website states: "The risks of global warming are speculative; the risks of global warming policies are all too real." [2]

Orginally the group was closely tied to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and still features many of its industry-friendly analyses of ecological issues. Former CEI director Marlo Lewis chaired the Cooler Heads Coaltion. Myron Ebell, CEI's Director of Global Warming and International Environmental Policy, directed it. In March 2001, the nonprofit Clean Air Trust named Ebell its "clean air villain of the month," citing his "ferocious lobbying charge to persuade President Bush to reverse his campaign pledge to control electric utility emissions of carbon dioxide."

In 2015, Cooler Heads was announced as a co-sponsor of the premier of Climate Hustle, a global warming denial documentary featuring Marc Morano. The movie's premier was scheduled in Paris, France, the exact time and setting of the United Nations' global climate negotiations.


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