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Coral Energy is "the marketer of Shell's North American natural gas production ...and aligned with InterGen, a joint venture of Shell and Bechtel and a 30-percent equity owner of Coral.[1]

"Crossing borders without a passport, Coral Energy buys, stores, and moves natural gas. A Shell Oil Company subsidiary, Coral Energy (a combination of Coral and pipeline operator Tejas Energy) is the sole marketer of Shell Oil's daily production of 2.1 billion cu. ft. of gas. Coral's 6,100 miles of pipeline run along the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana. It's also building a 100-mile pipeline in northern Mexico with that country's national oil company, PEMEX. Coral designs, constructs, and operates natural gas storage facilities in Texas, Lousiana, and Mexico, and is seeking to corral new profits through electricity marketing. Shell has decided to transfer most of Coral's assets to its InterGen joint venture with Bechtel."[2][,1922,262717,00.html]

Jay A. Precourt, now on the Board of Directors at the Halliburton Company, was Chairman of the Board of Coral Energy LP from 1996 to 1999.

Gene Cernan, the last man on the moon, worked briefly for Coral as an executive vice president charged to "enhance Coral's energy related programs on a worldwide basis".


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