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Costa Rica is a Central American country with a shoreline on both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean sides, with a population of 4.5 million and capital city of San Jose. The country has no standing army and stands out from its neighbors in having had decades of stability and in having a highly developed welfare system and standard of living. [1]

Before it was more dependent on coffee, banana, and beef exports, but now tourism is the main source of exchange. National Geographic says, "A quarter of the land has protected status; the beauty of rain forest preserves draws more and more visitors."[2]



Costa Rica repeatedly asked to be removed from the list of the "Coalition of the Willing". Besides Costa Rica is not supposed to have an army (although the US would want to change this and has been "up-arming" the police.) The country never sent soldiers to Iraq. See Coalition of the willing: beginning of the end


The BBC says of the country's media:

Press freedom group Reporters Without Borders describes the country's media as "fairly free". Libel laws and a law which ensures the right of reply for individuals criticised in reports are in force.[1]



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