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"In 1989, Ron Silver brought together a group of writers, actors, producers, directors, agents, designers and lawyers from the entertainment world and founded The Creative Coalition. We were not — and are not — a precisely like-minded political group, but rather people who longed to use our communication skills and political savvy in more effective ways. We debated and argued and it was finally decided that The Creative Coalition would be a place to educate ourselves on all sides of issues so as to become as well informed as possible before talking to the press, to policy makers, or to the public. We wanted to get beyond celebrity-in-politics tokenism and photo-ops to move inside the political process-to actually help shape policy.

"Through a series of membership meetings at which experts from all sides of the issues spoke, we began to discover the areas where we believed we could make a difference, and that indeed still drive us: federal funding for the arts, free speech and education.

"Our numbers grew and soon-to-become linchpin members like Christopher Reeve, Blair Brown, Michael Fuchs and Alec Baldwin joined our ranks. Well-briefed TCC members have regularly been asked to testify before Congressional committees, appear on TV shows like Crossfire, MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour and a host of others, as well as to lead rallies to affect and solidify public opinion on our core issues. We were particularly proud when TCC member Jane Alexander was named to be Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts." [1]


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