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Cubic Corporation, based in San Diego, was founded in 1951 by Walter J. Zable as an electronics firm and is today the parent company of two divisions, Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc. and Cubic Defense Applications. The defense division receives most their work from developing training devices for complex and expensive weaponry, communications and surveillance equipment, and air/ground data link capabilities.

The transportation department manufactures automatic ticketing systems for major cities' public rails and buses. For instance, they have so far been awarded $64 million since 1999 to replace San Francisco's BART fare collection system, for which they have received top honors for performance. Every year over 10 billion rides are taken around the world using Cubic fare collection systems. They have been traded on the stock exchange since 1959. [1] [2] [3][4]


The defense side of the company has been making simulators for the military since 1973 when they developed the first instrumented air combat training system for US fighter pilots. In 2001, they introduced their Deployable System for Training And Readiness (DSTAR) which is a mobile instrumented combat training center that integrates parts of CDA's fielded air and ground training systems [5] In September of 2003, Cubic bought out ECC International Corporation at its listed price of $5.25 a share. [6] This became their Simulation Systems Division (SSD) which provides "virtual training devices to military and commercial customers worldwide." [7]

Some recent contracts and business activities have been:

  • In July of 2004, they were granted a $6.5 million subcontract from General Dynamics Amphibious Systems to develop and produce a Driver Simulator and a Turret Simulator for the Marine Corps new Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV). This tracked, amphibious, armored vehicle can transport a loaded squad across the water at up to 25 knots and across land with the agility of an M1 tank. These simulators are used to train and familiarize the drivers and gunners with the EFVs. [8]
  • In October of 2004, they were awarded a $6 million contract from Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Venture to produce tactical trainers for RLM's shoulder launched, "fire-and-forget" anti-tank missile. The Javelin Field Tactical Trainers contract is the latest of four to provide training equipment for this weapon. [9]
  • They are one of 22 companies working with General Dynamics under a contract from the US Joint Forces Command's Joint Experimentation Program (JEXP) that has a potential value of $478.6 million. As of 2004, Cubic has been in "the Tidewater area of Virginia" for a decade since it helped establish the Joint War-fighting Center at Fort Monroe, Va. Currently they have 160 employees there. Says Richard Bristow, vice president and GM of Cubic's Operation Support Division, "War-fighting experiments conducted by JXEP and the Joint Futures lab are an important part of transformation, a process that helps our country identify new skills and technologies needed in this new era of asymmetric warfare." [10]
  • In early December 2004, Cubic was awarded a one year, $6.2 million contract by the US Army to design, develop and implement the Battle Command Knowledge System. The BCKS is to be "a global information-sharing system that will increase the ability of soldiers to tap into the Army's accumulated knowledge in near real time to adapt more quickly and effectively in training and fighting."[11]
  • In September of 2004, CDA was awarded a $1.6 million contract under a Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity contract from the Naval Air Systems Command to provide instructors for the pilot and maintenance training programs for the F/A-18 E&F Super hornet strike fighter. Cubic is one of seven companies awarded the ID/IQ contract in 2000 which allows them to compete for the approximately $500 million in simulator support work. [12]
  • In November of 2004, Cubic was awarded a contract by the US Army's National Simulation Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, that has a ceiling of $95 million. [13]
  • In September, 2004, Cubic received a contract from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to coordinate training exercises for military and civilian organizations to respond to chemical, biological, nuclear and high-explosives attacks. This will enable DTRA to "improve US response capabilities and evaluate national, federal, state and local policies for responding." The contract is for five years, with one five-year option, an additional one year option and a $43 million ceiling.[14]
  • The Avionics Advanced Development division of Cubic has redesigned their AN/ARS-6 Personnel Locater Systems and which have been used in every global military operation since 1987. The devices are the standard search and rescue system for US and NATO forces. [15] They have also entered into a partnership with Digital Angel Corporation's subsidiary, Signature Industries, to integrate Signature's beacon with Cubic's PLS. [16]
  • They have designed and built driver compartments and turrets for the LAV-25 for the Marine Corp and the M1 Abrams and M2 Bradley tanks for the Army [18]

Board of Directors


Lobbying Expenditures

Defense Electronics Industry
Year Amount Firm
1998 $340,000 Ralph Marshall ($51K)
1999 $380,000 Ralph Marshall ($44K)
2000 $380,000 Ralph Marshall ($25K)
2001 $400,000 Ralph Marshall ($54K)
2002 $400,000 Ralph Marshall ($54K)
2003 $440,000 Ralph Marshall ($54K); Akin Gump ($20K)
2004 $540,000 Ralph Marshall ($57K)


Cubic Simulation Systems Division
Year Amount Firm
2000 $20,000 Congressional Strategies
2001 $80,000 Congressional Strategies
2002 $80,000 Congressional Strategies
2003 $80,000 Congressional Strategies
2004 $80,000 Congressional Strategies


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