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Cushitic Languages are a branch of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages.[1] Most are spoken in Ethiopia, but there are also Cushitic languages spoken in Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, and Somalia.

Cushitic Language Family Tree

The 45 Cushitic languages are classified as follows:[2]

  • Central (4)
    • Eastern: Xamtanga (Ethiopia)
    • Northern: Bilen (Eritrea)
    • Southern: Awngi (Ethiopia)
    • Western: Qimant (Ethiopia)
  • East (33)
    • Dullay: Bussa, Gawwada, Tsamai (All spoken in Ethiopia)
    • Highland: Alaba-K’abeena, Burji, Gedeo, Hadiyya, Kambaata, Libido, Sidamo (All spoken in Ethiopia)
    • Konso-Gidole: Dirasha, Konso (Both spoken in Ethiopia)
    • Oromo (5)
      • Orma (Kenya)
      • Oromo, Borana-Arsi-Guji (Ethiopia)
      • Oromo, Eastern (Ethiopia)
      • Oromo, West Central (Ethiopia)
      • Waata (Kenya)
    • Rendille-Boni: Aweer and Rendille (Both spoken in Kenya)
    • Saho-Afar: Afar (Ethiopia) and Saho (Eritrea)
    • Somali: Dabarre, Garre, Jiiddu, Maay, Somali, and Tunni (All spoken in Somalia)
    • Western Omo-Tana: Arbore, Baiso, and Daasanach (Spoken in Ethiopia); El Molo (Kenya)
    • Yaaku: Yaaku (Kenya)
    • Boon (Somalia)
  • North: Bedawiyet (Sudan)
  • South: Aasáx, Alagwa, Burunge, Gorowa, Iraqw, and Kw’adza (Spoken in Tanzania); Dahalo (Kenya)

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