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IS1 (SW) DJ Elliott, USN (Ret.) is a retired US Navy Intelligence Specialist who retired "after 22 years" of service.[1] Elliott currently writes for The Long War Journal Blog and is the principal author of the Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle (OOB)[2] and co-author with CJ Radin and Bill Roggio of The Baghdad Security Operation Order of Battle.[1]

Elliott has participated since July 2007 in the U.S. Department of Defense's Bloggers' Roundtable.


Elliott informs that "Sea duties included USS Enterprise (VF-213), USS LaSalle (CMEF), USS Coronado (CJTFME/CMEF), USS Independence and USS Yorktown. Shore duties included NLU Munich, USDAOs Copenhagen/Riyadh, USFK det CNIC, RIPO Two and NSAWC. Earned a BA and wrote/sold two wargame designs while serving. ... A prolific reader, interests include wargaming, military, science fiction, science, history, current events and military operations."[2]

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