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DWJ is a major U.S. broadcast PR company that states on its website that "produces newsworthy video news releases, satellite media tours, radio news programming and public service campaigns and gets their stories aired on TV and radio". [1]

VNRs and "pay to play"

In an article in The Broadcast News, a DWJ newsletter, the company dismissed the practice of companies paying broadcast companies to air video news releases (VNRs) or other PR broadcast material. While such companies cited high audience reach numbers, DWJ argued that the greatest impact was by taking time to get VNRs aired on news programs: "Yes, it is much more difficult to keep pitching a story to TV stations, re-angling it if they aren't interested and reminding them of it every time there is a new peg on the day's news agenda. But the rewards are airings on legitimate news shows, which have the most credibility and audiences who tune in to watch the news," DWJ stated. [2]

Amidst the controversy in early 2005 over the use of VNRs, DWJ defended their use. "VNRs have been used as educational or informational tools by government agencies for many years. Problems arise when they cross over into promoting controversial policy," DWJ stated in its newsletter. [3]

Satellite media tours

In October 2007, the Miami Herald reported on one of DWJ's satellite media tours: [1]

In a round of satellite interviews with broadcast journalists on how to combat colds, nurse Lynne Griffin touted Soft Soap liquid soap for keeping germs away, Cepacol lozenges to soothe a sore throat and Sudacare plug-in vaporizer to sleep better when congested. "I recommend people be proactive and have these products on hand," Griffin said.
A public relations firm, DWJ Television in Ridgewood, N.J., hired Griffin to promote the products for Colgate, Cepacol and Pfizer, according to the DWJ website.

BIO 2008

A promotional website for the industry group Biotechnology Industry Organization's June 2008 convention states: [4]

BIO has retained DWJ Television to provide videography, TV, and radio broadcast services, as well as webcasting and podcasting, during the 2008 BIO International Convention.
DWJ will operate the BIO TV® booth, a radio booth, and a television interview position for registered participants to use (subject to availability), either with DWJ’s cameras and crew or your own. Digital editing into any format also will be available on-site. ...
DWJ Television can shoot footage and edit a video for your exhibit booth or B-roll/soundbites for news broadcasters. ...
DWJ will produce and distribute radio newsfeeds daily throughout the convention. DWJ will also maintain live fiber and satellite capability 24/7 for the delivery of important corporate news and interviews during the convention – to any and all TV stations in the U.S. or abroad. ...
DWJ Television can edit Convention highlight videos for e-mailing to customers, colleagues, and staff members. Results for broadcast and internet projects will be tracked using Nielsen SIGMA and PrimeNewswire.


According to company press releases and other sources as indicated below, DWJ's clients include: [5]


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Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Direct: (201) 445-1711
Fax: (201) 445-8352
E-mail: dwjinfo AT dwjtv.com
Web: http://www.dwjtv.com/

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