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Damien Aspinall [1] is the son of John Aspinall . He is married to former TV presenter Donna Air. [1]

"'We shoot to kill. We don't have our own army, but we do have armed guards. And I personally would have no hesitation. If he's got his gun aimed at an elephant or a rhino, I'd shoot. And I don't think that we, as the dominant species, should have the right to ethnically cleanse wildlife off the planet, and that's what we're doing.'"

"'Ethnically cleanse' is, surely, muddying the waters. No one is out deliberately to eliminate jaguars or tigers or black rhino. It's only humans - at their worst - who aim to ethnically cleanse each other: to eliminate other humans, for racial or ideological reasons. It's only humans - at their best - who set out, like Bill Gates, to try and rid the world of diseases like malaria, though if he does so that means there'll be more humans, and more humans may mean the diminution of habitats in which wild animals flourish... 'He's very well-meaning,' notes Damian, 'but does that make the problem worse? It probably does, in the long run.' " [2]

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