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Dan Gertler

Gertler and Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Leibovitch "are two of the principals behind a diamond mining company, Emaxon Finance Corporation, involved in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)...

"Back in 2000, former Congolese president Laurent Kabila offered a monopoly on Congolese diamonds, and 88% of the proceeds, to Gertler’s International Diamond Industries (IDI) in exchange for Israeli military assistance to his new government...

"The original Gertler-Kabila deal fell through after Laurent Kabila was assassinated for not cooperating with the Great White Fathers of industry (January 2001), but Gertler and Leibovitch and their disciples formed another company, Dan Gertler International, and advanced their Congo plan.22 By 2002 Gertler’s company was the leading exporter of Congolese gems, controlling a diamond mining franchise worth about $US 1 billion annually...

"Dan Gertler is close to Israeli politicians, especially Avigdor Lieberman, head of the right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party, and he is very close to diamantaire Beny Steinmetz, a good friend of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Gertler’s inseperable friend, Chaim Leibovitz, is also very close to Lieberman, and was “a regular fixture” in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s offices." [2]

"Founder of the DGI Group of Companies, Dan Gertler is a leader in the development of natural resources. His career began with investments in the diamond trade in Africa, and his interests have since grown to include mining, logistics, real estate, agriculture and finance in Africa and other emerging markets.

"Born in December 1973, Dan Gertler is the grandson of Moshe Schnitzer, who was the founder and first President of the Israeli Diamond Exchange and 2004 winner of the Israel Prize (the most prestigious award issued by the State of Israel) for lifetime achievement in recognition of his contribution to Israeli society and the State...

"An enthusiastic diamond-dealer from youth, Mr. Gertler learned the secrets of the trade not only from his father but also from his grandfather’s life-long experience. He spent time with both of them during school holidays and whenever else he was able. Even while carrying out his three-year mandatory service in a rearguard base of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) near Tel Aviv, all of his free time was spent either at the offices of his father or grandfather, learning and practicing the essentials of the diamond business...

"Following experiments with the purchase and marketing of artisinally mined diamonds in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, DGI established a partnership with the majority state-owned diamond mine MIBA...

"Mr. Gertler’s record in the DRC not only gives him a unique view and understanding of its authorities and infrastructure, but also earned him the trust and goodwill required to build business interests of the magnitude that he has. Mr. Gertler was named honorary consul of the DRC in Israel in April 2003." [3]

In June 2008 "A company controlled by Israeli diamond mogul Dan Gertler is taking a 25 per cent stake in Anvil Mining Ltd. (TSX:AVM), a Montreal-based copper and silver producer.

"Anvil said Thursday it has an agreement in principal that would give the Gertler family trust a 25 per cent stake and one seat on its board of directors in return for nearly C$296.7 million cash...

"In April, privately held Camrose Resources, of which Gertler is a major shareholder, said it is taking a 63 per cent stake in miner Africo Resources Ltd. (TSX:ARL).

"In 2004, BHP Billiton rejected an attempt by Gertler to buy the Ekati mine in the Northwest Territories, Canada's first producing diamond mine." [4]

"Dan Gertler’s father, Asher Gertler, and his uncle, Shmuel Schnitzer, manage the original family business, and Shmuel is Vice-Chairman of the Belgian-based World Diamond Council—the entity that spends more money promoting the false image of “conflict-free” diamonds than it does helping any of the people dispossessed or brutalized by the diamond industry." [5]

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