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David Bear is a PR operative who works for both Diebold Election Systems and Public Strategies, Inc. (PSI).

In 2004, Bear ran an aggressive PR campaign to counter vocal criticisms of Diebold's electronic voting systems by watchgroups such as BlackBoxVoting.org and BlackBoxVoting.com. Although Diebold's press releases describe him as a representative of Diebold, the email address they give for him is at Public Strategies, Inc. [1]

In March 2004, the e-voting activism site BlackBoxVoting.com was tipped off about Diebold hiring PSI. It stated that "Our sources report: 1) Diebold has hired a crisis control firm called PSI - Public Strategies Inc., I think, something like that." [2]

Contact details

Tel. +1-317-997-9300
Email dbear AT pstrategies.com

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