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David Cohen "is a senior advisor to Experience Corps and a senior fellow at Civic Ventures. He is Co-Chair of the Advocacy Institute Board and one of its two founders." [1]

"David has been an advocate and strategist on many of the major social justice and political reform issues in the United States since the early 1960s. These issues include civil rights, anti-poverty and reforming U.S. political processes by eliminating abuses of power and the corrupting influence of money on American politics. He played a leading role in the fight for Congress to end its support for the Vietnam War. From 1984-92 David led the Professionals' Coalition for Nuclear Arms Control - physicians, scientists, lawyers, and social workers - to stop the United States nuclear arms build-up by supporting arms control agreements and reducing the military budget. He served as president of Common Cause from 1975-81, the largest voluntary membership organization in the United States working on government accountability issues. David's contributions are recognized in biographies and histories of the period.

"At the Advocacy Institute, David helped pioneer the Institute's capacity building programs, where he facilitates workshop and strategy sessions. His expertise is used to counsel social justice movement groups in the U.S. and abroad to effectively communicate in ways that can build public will, inform legislative and community debate, and shape public policy.“ [1]

"In 2004, David Cohen, Co-Founder of the Advocacy Institute, was selected by the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership as their Edward A. Smith Distinguished Lecturer." [2]

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