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David Douglass is a professor of physics in experimental condensed matter physics at the University of Rochester, New York. His research areas include "liquid helium and superconductivity," "gravitational wave detectors," "chaos and frequency drifts of spectral lines of extended sources," and what he refers to as "the fundamental science issues underlying 'global warming.'" [1]

Douglass is a speaker at the International Conference on Climate Change (2009) organized by the Heartland Institute think tank. [2]

Douglass also spoke at a December 2007 Washington DC press briefing organized by S. Fred Singer's Science and Environmental Policy Project. The event was organized to publicized a paper co-authored by Douglass, Singer and others, which -- according to a statement attributed to Douglass -- found that "the observed pattern of warming, comparing surface and atmospheric temperature trends, does not show the characteristic fingerprint associated with greenhouse warming. The usual discussion is whether the climate model forecasts of Earth's climate 100 years or so into the future are realistic. Here we have something more fundamental: Can the models accurately explain the climate from the recent past? It seems that the answer is no." [3]

Douglass co-authored a 2004 paper with another climate change skeptic, Patrick J. Michaels. In a letter to the Washington Times blasting a National Geographic article on global warming, Douglass wrote: "I, with Patrick J. Michaels as a co-author, showed that out of four data sets, three show no significant global warming. Advocates of global-warming theory simply ignore all contrary evidence. This is hardly a 'scientific approach.'" [4]

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