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David Hardy is one of the named partners in the firm originally known as Shook, Hardy, Ottman, Mitchell & Bacon (with 27 lawyer's names listed on its letterhead in 1968). This is the amazing law firm, now known as Shook Hardy & Bacon which created a flourishing practice of law in Kansas City by specialising in the corruption of science and scientist, bribery of academics and officials, and influence exerted through parties and politicians. It obviously didn't only work for the tobacco industry, but these are the scams revealed by the Master Settlement Agreement release of documents into the Legacy Tobacco Archives.

SH&B became the tobacco industry's main dissembler of science initially confined to the USA, but later on a global scale. Hardy was the key board-level legal advisor on such matters to Philip Morris (later other tobacco companies), the Tobacco Institute, and its offshoots, the Tobacco Industry Research Committee (TIRC) and Council for Tobacco Research (CTR).

Hardy later handed over the tobacco industry work to

  • Donald K Hoel -- for Philip Morris and Tobacco Institute work
  • {others here}

Documents & Timeline

1998 Sep 10 This is the Philip Morris's list of law firms paid during 1997 and 1998. -- both for legal fees, and for Disbursements -- a euphemism in most cases for secret payments concealed by the law firm. It has a few hundred names listed but these are the most prominent:

Name 1998 to June
Half-year only
Full Previous Year
Fees for ServicesDisbursements Fees for ServicesDisbursements
Shook Hardy & Bacon $17.27 m$19.19 m $39.62 m 36.90 m
Arnold & Porter $13.44 m$7.93 m $35.05 m$9.71 m
Hunton & Williams $8.93 m $1.58 m $20.76 m$4.10 m
Winston & Strawn $7.97 m $1.62 m $21.66 m$4.65 m
Goodwin Procter & Hoar$7.08 m$1.64 m$6.63 m$ 893 k
Wachel Lipton Rosen & Katz$5.75 m$1.85 m$10.28 m$3.48 m
Dechter Price & Rhoads$4.97 m$ 946 k$15.86 m$3.37 m
Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe$4.40 m$ 775 k$6.38 m$1.20 m
OVERALL TOTALS $108.28 million$48.55 million $261.83 million$96.08 million
[Note the absence of Covington & Burling -- also that SH&B is the main launderer of 'Disbursements'.   [2]