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On July 8, 2003, David de Rothschild (1942- ) took the reins of the Rothschild banking empire from his cousin, Evelyn de Rothschild: "David, 60, will formally take over as executive chairman of the bank from Evelyn on July 14. Evelyn, 72, who has been chairman of the group for 21 years, will keep his post as non-executive chairman of NM Rothschild & Sons, the UK arm."

The press release regarding the change in leadership continues by saying that "Rothschild, the bank which financed the Duke of Wellington's victory over Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo, has survived as a family-controlled empire while other merchant banking dynasties, including Schroders, SG Warburg, and Robert Fleming have sold out to bigger rivals." Another July 8 Rothschild press release quoted the size of the newly combined Rothschild financial empire at "2,500 employees in more than thirty different countries around the world to create a group with net banking income of around €900 million."

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His Son of the Same Name

"In 2005 David de Rothschild, founded Adventure Ecology an organisation that uses adventure and storytelling to captivate the imagination, raise global mass media awareness and inspire individuals, communities and industry to take positive action for our planet.

"His commitment to the environment has sent him on adventures to some of the worlds most remote and fragile regions. In 2006, David spent over 100 days crossing The Arctic from Russia to Canada, which saw him become one of only 42 people, and the youngest British person, to ever reach both geographical poles. Prior to his 2006 ‘

"Top of the World Expedition’, David had already become one of only 14 people ever to traverse the continent of Antarctica, and was part of a team that broke the world record for the fastest ever crossing of the Greenland Icecap. www.adventureecology.com

"The group spent time in the Ecuadorian rainforest documenting the damage international oil companies had created by drilling the vast oil reserves, and in turn disturbing the natural and social order.In early 2007 David wrote the ‘Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook’, which was the official companion book to the Live Earth concert series and in the summer of 2008 David was the editorial consultant for Earth Matters, a children’s book published by Dorling Kindersley.

"National Geographic awarded David de Rothschild the accolade of ‘Emerging Explorer’ and Clean Up The World has invited David to be an international ambassador. Furthermore, the World Economic Forum made David a ‘Young Global Leader’ and most recently in September 2007 GQ (UK and Germany) magazine presented him the accolade of ‘Environmentalist of the Year’" [3]

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