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Dawson McCarthy Nelson Media LLC (DMN Media)[1] was founded in February 2001 by Terry Nelson, who joined with Sam Dawson,[2][3] a senior consultant to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in 2000,[4] and Patrick J. McCarthy, Jr.,[5] of National Media, Inc., as partners.[6] DMN Media is a Washington, D.C.-based Republican "communication and advertising firm that specializes in developing strategy, messages, and advertising for political candidates."[7]

Note that District of Columbia corporate records do not show DMN Media as a registered entity.[8]


In 2001, DMN Media was located at 1020 North Fairfax, Suite 320, Alexandria, Virginia.[9] According to the Virginia State Corporations data base,[10] the Virginia registration for DMN Media was cancelled in December 2002.

Archived bios for Nelson, Dawson, and McCarthy have been posted on their individual pages.

"Past and Present Clients" listed for DMN Media in 2001 included:[11]

Designated Market Media

Political campaigns


Upgrade Films

Upgrade Films, LLC "films and edits advertisements and serves as the production company for DMNM. ... Upgrade Films is a wholly owned subsidiary of and shares office staff with DMNM."[7][18]

  • In the third quarter of 2006, Upgrade Films received $6,000 from the All Children Matter-Iowa PAC.[20]

Strategic Media Services

Strategic Media Services shares the same address with DMN Media.[21]


WHOIS reports that the administrative contact for the DMNMEDIA.COM domain name is Andrew Finnan at 1023 31st Street, NW, Fourth Floor, Washington, DC 20007, DMN Media's office address. The technical contact is XO Communications at CNCHOST.COM. DMNMEDIA.COM displays as under construction.

A DNS search for DMNMEDIA.COM[22] shows the domain interactive with a number of mail and name servers.

Contact information

1023 31st Street NW
4th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20007(Map)
Phone: 202 338-9555
URL: http://www.dmnmedia.com/ (Website under construction; visit the WaybackMachine for archived pages.)


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