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"(David) Dean Rusk served as Secretary of State through the eight years of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, the second longest tenure in U.S. History. Rusk was closely involved in relations with the Soviet Union, especially in negotiating the 1963 test ban treaty. He was a major participant in the secret Cuban missile crisis meetings, and later became a strong advocate of U.S. intervention in Vietnam. Mr. Rusk, a native of Georgia, has also been recognized for his support of the civil rights movement, becoming one of the first members of President Kennedy’s cabinet to speak out on the issue. In 1990, Mr. Rusk published a memoir, As I Saw It, which he co-authored with his son, Richard." [1]

  • 1909 - Born, Cherokee County, Georgia
  • 1931 - A.B., Davidson College, North Carolina
  • 1933 - B.S., St. John’s College, Oxford (Rhodes Scholar)
  • 1934 - M.A., St. John’s College, Oxford
  • 1934-1940 - Associate Professor of government and Dean of Faculty, Mills College, Oakland, CA.
  • 1940-1946 - United States Army
  • 1946 - Chief of the U.S. State Department’s International Security Affairs Division
  • 1946-1947 - Special Assistant to the Secretary of War
  • 1949-1950 - Director of the U.S. State Department’s Office of U.N. Affairs; Deputy Undersecretary of State
  • 1950-1951 - Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs
  • 1952-1960 - President, Rockefeller Foundation
  • 1961-1968 - Secretary of State
  • 1970-1994 - Professor of International Law, University of Georgia Law School
  • 1994 - Died

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