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Denise WIlbanks is UNRIG's "Latino community outreach volunteer, and also responsible for media relations with Univision. She is the person to contact to schedule a Spanish-speaking stop by the RV with wrap or a Spanish-language interview on skype or via any other channel." [1]

She writes for the Huffington Post. Her bio states: "Denise M. Wilbanks is a contemporary thinker and visionary. She is also a Life Coach, poet and author of Connecting to Love: Unleashing the Power of Yes, where she shares her personal journey into spiritual awakening. Denise believes that music is the language of the heart and she incorporates lyrics into much of her work as an extension of her writer's voice. Denise’s independent study and work as a writer focuses on the discovery of self while combining schools of thought including metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality." [1]

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