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Born in 1964 Derek Turner (a.k.a "Derrick Turner" prior to 1988) has been the editor of Right Now! magazine ( on the web), a bi-monthly journal of the extreme far right in the United Kingdom. He is presently the Editor of The Quarterly Review.

He simply describes himself as a "a 39 year old journalist and editor" on the Right Now! masthead. His history and background are somewhat elusive. He reveals little of his background in an interview attributed to the year 2000, "I was born in... Dublin to a Protestant family... After an undistinguished scholastic career... I joined the Merchant Navy and... the Irish Naval Service... in 1988, I came to... London. After a succession of jobs, I now work as a senior editor for a publishing company and do freelance writing for a wide range of publications... My hobbies are reading, writing [&c.]..." [1]

According to Searchlight Magazine (July 1998) "Derrick" Turner was "leader of the National Socialist Party in Ireland" in 1987 and became involved with National Front upon his 1988 move to London. The article also alleges that Turner was employed as a security guard for the South African embassy in London about that time. [2]

The move to London may have been inspired by an investigation by the Irish Guarda. It is alleged that he was employed at a Naval base in Cork County, Ireland at about that time (this seems to have been a busy year for him); apparently the Guarda suspected Turner of giving Naval secrets to the Ulster Defence Association. During the investigation it was revealed he had met National Front leaders at the UDA's Ulster Defence Association's headquarters in Belfast.

Turner has also allegedly been the leader of a small Irish group called the Social Action Initiative which has been variously described as "Nazi" [3] and "fascist." [4]

Turner and his magazine are closely affiliated with the Conservative Monday Club, and are linked with UK's National Front , British National Party and the Freedom Association.

Turner, according to Paul Waugh of the UK's Independent, "has in the past described himself as a 'neighbourhood Nazi', although he claimed he was being ironic." [5]

Turner is a contributor to "The Social Contract" published by John H. Tanton [6]

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