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Devil's Weed is the title of a forthcoming film by producer Curt Johnson and director Maura Flynn. It will apparently take a pro-tobacco slant in the guise of defending "smokers' rights," a term long used by public relations firms such as Burson-Marsteller working on behalf of the tobacco industry to defeat legislative efforts to protect people from the hazards of secondhand smoke. On behalf of Philip Morris, and with tens of millions of tobacco dollars, Burson-Marsteller organized the National Smokers Alliance, a "smokers' rights" front group.

The Minnesota chapter of the American Lung Association, which describes Maura Flynn "as pitchwoman for comedian Tim Slagle", ridiculed the proposed film in its blog. "A man walks into a Minneapolis bar. Suddenly, his civil liberties are gone! That seems to be the plot summary of 'Devil's Weed' ... What stole this poor man's civil liberties? Why the smoking ban, of course!", the ALA wrote.


As of January 8, 2006, IMBd stated the "Plot Outline" as "A documentary that examines the loss of civil liberties associated with the public smoking ban in Minneapolis, Minnesota." The film's "Status" was given as "Filming."

The Other "Devil's Weed"


"Marihuana" (a.k.a. "Marihuana, the Devil's Weed" and "Marihuana, the Weed with Roots in Hell!"), a film produced in 1936, "was a companion piece to "Reefer Madness"." In brief, the story line is that "Some fun loving kids smoke weed, offered to them by a man that represents evil incarnate. The result is nude swimming, a drowning... and then things get even worse!" [1]

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  • Drew Carter, Devil's Weed Film Update: "Poor Phil's (Dennis) Murphy to be in smoking ban documentary. 'Devil’s Weed' contends that bans cut into civil liberties," The Smokers Club, November 22, 2005: "Editing of the film will begin in January, and it’s expected to premiere at the Toronto Film Fest in September 2006. ... Although Johnson claimed the film won’t take a hard line against smoking bans, Flynn did ask some leading questions, such as, 'Who are the creeps who want this ban?' and 'Is there something elitist about these bans?'"