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Direct Impact Company is a public relations corporate "grass roots" organizing firm that assists Philip Morris in recruiting "non-traditional allies" to help with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation campaign.


The Direct Impact Company assisted Philip Morris in lobbying against in increased tobacco excise tax in Vermont in 1995 (2072088225), participated in helping organize Philip Morris's "Options" program to help avoid smoking restrictions (2072014223 and 2085688468), helped Philip Morris intervene in an election in Payson, Arizona in 1992 (2065451427), helped defeat the McCain bill in 1998(2065502656), and assisted in Philip Morris's "Ventilation Education Initiative" (2080357052). Philip Morris requested a budget of $1 million for Direct Impact to fight the McCain bill.(2079041604)

John Brady, a founder of Philip Morris, shares the same name and may (or may not) be the same John Brady who worked as manager of marketing for Philip Morris in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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