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Divestment Watch was created by Fred Taub, who is also the founder and president of Boycott Watch, "to monitor and stop the illegal boycott campaign against Israel and democracy in general that is masked as a good-will campaign. Divestment Watch stands on the side of truth, peace, liberty, and justice [and] will fight he scourge of terrorists and those who support them in any way," its website states. [1]

Taub says that he created Divestment Watch after discovering "the long forgotten US antiboycott laws and researched how the divest-from-Israel campaign is subject to those laws," using this "research" as the "basis of action to stop the campus based divest-from-Israel campaign which is now being spread nationally beyond universities. The divest-from-Israel campaign has even permeated the Presbyterian Church which Boycott Watch has challenged to both the Presbyterian Church and the US Department of Commerce," its website states. [2]

The Divestment Watch website claims that it "is not a pro-Israel site as much as it is a pro-US site" and makes "no differentiation between those who want to harm Israel and those who want to harm the USA." The website states that "Americans [were] warned many years prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks that the USA was a target of terrorists, and it has nothing to do supporting Israel. The attacks on the US are part of a war of ideals - freedom verses radical extremist Islamic-fascism. If we do not stop the divestment program against Israel," it states, "the USA will be the next target internationally." [3]

"The divest-from-Israel campaign is more than just a campaign to create a Palestinian state. It is part of a larger campaign by the Arab League and the Palestinian Authority to isolate Israel economically throughout the world that includes, for example, a concerted effort in the Arab community to create an economic blockade of Israel in Malaysia and Europe. The desired results of the campaign is not just to push Israel into a political settlement with the Palestinians, but rather to build a world that sees boycotting Israel as proper, and therefore leading to its economic collapse and destruction," the website states. [4]

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According to WHOIS, the DIVESTMENTWATCH.COM domain name was registered December 20, 2004. The registrar is SPOT DOMAIN LLC DBA DOMAINSITE.COM (IP Address: Name servers are NS2.OATL.NET and NS1.OATL.NET.

The website's Meta Description is "Divestment Watch leads the battle against the illegal divest from Israel campaigns." Meta Keywords are: "divestment, divest, Israel, palestine, zion, zionism, jerusalem, jews, jew, jewish, israeli, peace, arafat, PLO, PA, abbas, israeli, middle east peace, middle east, peace, peace process, israeli palestinian conflict, occupied territories, settlements, ara".

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Website: http://www.divestmentwatch.com