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Donald W. Shepperd is a participant in the Pentagon military analyst program and a military analyst for CNN and ABC Radio Network in New York. [1]

Shepperd retired from the U.S. military on September 14, 2000 after serving in his last position as the director, Air National Guard, The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.[2] A biographical note states that he "is a military analyst for CNN and provides military commentary for ABC radio. He has recently been seen and heard providing commentary on the military aspects of the war against terrorism in Afghanistan."[3]

A 1999 biographical note stated that in addition to being president of The Shepperd Group, a defense consulting firm that he founded, "he provides military commentary on request for ABC Radio Network in New York and serves as an ad hoc member of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board." It also stated that he "is also an associate with several Washington 'think tanks'." [4]

Military service

A biographical note states that he "graduated from the fourth class of the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1962. After receiving his wings, he was assigned to duty in West Germany; and South Vietnam. He joined the Arizona Air National Guard in August 1974 where he held positions including squadron commander; group deputy commander for operations and group vice commander. In January 1987, he transferred to the Massachusetts ANG as the air commander of the 102d Fighter Interceptor Wing. In July 1989, he was appointed as deputy director, Air National Guard, National Guard Bureau."[2]

The Pentagon's military analyst program

In April 2008 documents obtained by New York Times reporter David Barstow revealed that Shepperd had been recruited as one of over 75 retired military officers involved in the Pentagon military analyst program. Participants appeared on television and radio news shows as military analysts, and/or penned newspaper op/ed columns. The program was launched in early 2002 by then-Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Victoria Clarke. The idea was to recruit "key influentials" to help sell a wary public on "a possible Iraq invasion." [1]


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