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Dorothy Bush Koch was born August 18, 1959, and is the only surviving sister of President George Walker Bush and Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the daughter of former President George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush.

In 2000, ABCNews reported that Dorothy's sister Robin died of leukemia at age three in 1953. "Dorothy raises money for local charities in Bethesda, Md. Has helped George W. raise money and helped her father organize the Maine caucuses in 1988. In 1992, married Democrat Robert Koch at Camp David, the president's retreat in Maryland. Koch, a California wine industry lobbyist, once headed up the congressional staff of Tony Coehlo -- who served briefly as Albert Gore, Jr.'s campaign chairman. But Koch says he is fully behind his brother-in-law's campaign. They have four children, two from Dorothy's first marriage: William, LeBlond, Sam and Ellie."[1]

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