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Doug LaFollette "gained a national reputation during the post 1970 Earth Day period for articulating our environment-population-resource crisis. He was an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin, and holds a B.S. cum laude in Chemistry and Business and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University. After founding Wisconsin's Environmental Decade, he served in the Wisconsin State Senate and is currently Wisconsin Secretary of State. He has worked as Public Affairs Director for the Union of Concerned Scientists, Assistant Director of the Mid American Solar Energy Complex, and has been a national board member of Friends of the Earth. He was a member of the 1990 National Earth Day organization and authored the book "The Survival Handbook - a strategy for saving planet earth." He continues to speak and write on environmental issues." [1]


  • Environmental Quality Award, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Environmental Advocate of the Year, Clean Water Action Council, 1996
  • Environmental Excellence Award, Midwest Renewable Energy Assoc., 1992
  • Federation of American Scientists, member
  • Wisconsin Environmental Decade, founder and director
  • Council on Economic Priorities, consultant
  • Friends of the Earth, National Board Member
  • Author of The Survival Handbook, 1991
  • Helped organize 1970 and 1990 Earth Day events

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