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Douglas X. Patino, Ph.D.

"Mr. Patiño is Vice Chancellor Emeritus for the California State University system, serves as Professor of Social Work, CSU, Los Angeles, and is President of The Patiño Group. Previously, he served as Director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security in the cabinet of Arizona Governor Bruce Babbit, served as Secretary of the California Health and Welfare Agency, as Director of the California Employment Development Department, and as that department’s Deputy Director for planning and review service branch in the state’s administration under California Governor Jerry Brown.

"He was founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the New Partnerships Foundation; The Patiño Group in San Rafael, California; and founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the Marin Community Foundation in Larkspur, California. Previously, he was Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo; as Associate Director, Center for Urban and Human Development; Director, Community Environmental Management Master’s Degree program, United States International University in San Diego; and as Deputy Director of Sacramento Concilio, Inc., in Sacramento, California. Dr. Patiño earned a Ph.D. in human behavior (urban development) from United States International University in San Diego. He earlier earned a Master’s of Arts degree in education (counseling) from San Diego State University and Bachelor’s of Arts degree in political science from San Diego State University. He is a recipient of numerous awards and honors for his work." [1]

"Leading Latino philanthropists like Douglas Patino, who heads Patino Group Foundation, want to put back in some of what they took out." Douglas Patino

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