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Robin Cook, a medical doctor, "is a founding father of the "medical thriller" genre of popular fiction. He has written twenty-three bestsellers, all of which have been translated into some forty languages. To date he has sold over one hundred million books most of which have been written to elucidate various medical/biotech ethical issues. It had been Dr. Cook's intention to use entertainment as a method of exposing the public to public policy conundrums such as stem cells and egg donation (Shock), food poisoning (Toxin), bio-terrorism (Vector), xeno-transplantation (Chromosome 6), and managed care (Fatal Cure) to name a few. Most recently published (July 2003) was Seizure dealing with the collision of politics and bioscience regarding therapeutic cloning and related stem cell technologies. Marker is scheduled to be published in Spring 2005 and will deal with the impact of the decipherment of the human genome on the economics and sociology of medicine." [1]

He is a trustee of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

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