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Drexel Burnham Lambert is a company operating in the financial arena.

"Drexel Burnham Lambert was the most successful Wall Street firm in the Eighties. They made the most profits in one year of any Wall Street firm-$545.5 million in 1986, a record that stands today.1 In 1987 their star trader Michael Milken earned a whopping $550 million, a figure that can be compared only to the earnings of titans in 1990's computer industry. Drexel's legacy of sponsorship for new and troubled companies remains an industry model today. They rose from the bottom of the pack to compete with Wall Street’s first rank firms. How did they do it? How were they different from other investment banks? Stylistically, Drexel was more aggressive in their approach. Organizationally, the firm experimented. They offered a product that no one else had conceived and that, after it was conceived, competitors were slow to adopt." [1]

"In February 1990, Drexel Burnham Lambert declared bankruptcy amid a slew of scandals." [2]



Drexel Burnham Lambert (DBL)
14 Wall Street
Suite 1100B
New York, NY 10005
Web: http://www.dblholdings.com

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